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Hi. I'm Justin, a software engineer working out of Boston.

I put a bunch of work related stuff below, hit me up if you want to chat about any of it.

I like to rock climb, play the guitar, and music - right now I'm building out a music community site that's totally going to be almost maybe decent.

Work History

    BloXroute Labs · Research Engineer December 2018 - June 2019

    Built a blockchain measurement infrastructure from the ground up to measure data propagation through the underlying peer-to-peer network. This required concurrently processing tens of thousands of messages from thousands of peers every second. Designed and facilitated experiments to highlight BloXroute performance benefits and identify areas of improvement for the dev team.

    Cornell University · PhD Research Assistant August 2017 - December 2018

    Researched distributed data processing systems for an emerging datacenter architecture, resource disaggregation, that tolerate higher network latency while leveraging fine-grained resource multiplexing and application elasticity provided by disaggregation. Seperate work involved characterizing information leakage in cloud distributed systems and building a new privacy-aware key-value store that guarentees information leakage is not abusable.

    Google · Software Engineer Intern Summer 2018

    Worked with the Network Infrastructure team in Sunnyvale, CA to to improve network bandwidth allocation on Google's inter-datacenter WAN. This work builds upon Google's hierarchal bandwidth allocator, BwE. It involved developing new bandwidth allocation techniques that leveraged machine learning and real-time control literature; and algorithmic analysis of existing bandwidth allocation techniques.

    Microsoft · Software Engineer Intern Summer 2017

    Worked with the Azure Data Warehouse team in Aliso Viejo, CA to build a prototype for a distributed query store for Azure SQL Data Warehouse. This enabled more extensive query monitoring and debugging for distributed queries, especially in the case of complex query execution plans spanning many servers.

    Parallel Programming Lab · Research Assistant Jan 2016 - May 2017

    Researched techniques for realizing latency-sensitive high performance computing applications in less predictable and higher latency environments, such as commercial clouds. This involved optimizing application communication and minimizing latency introduced by the runtime system through lock-free algorithms. Other work included designing a RDMA-backed message passing interface for CRAY machines, and building parallel object replication techniques for load balancing.

    Charmworks · Software Engineer Nov 2016 - May 2017

    Worked to optimize a parallel program runtime system Charm++, a parallel object-oriented programming language, for performance. Additionally, modified parallel algorithms for shared memory parallel applications to operate scalably in a distributed memory context.